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    In-store: Bring a sanitized container (like an old one you've already finished the product inside) or get a glass mason jar on deposit ($3) from us. Weigh it, fill your product, use it at home, and REpeat!

    Online: Choose from one of the predetermined sizes of the product you want. It will be delivered or picked up in store in a glass mason jar ($3 deposit). Bring back the jar to the store or have it picked up at your next delivery day (coming soon) and get your $3 deposit back!

    We are adjusting as we go along, but we are open from 11am-5pm daily. If you are in Poured Coffee before 11am feel free to browse and you should be able to check out at the café side! Poured is open from 7:30am-5:00pm daily.

    We pride ourselves on sourcing our products from high quality, ethical Canadian (Ontario if possible to reduce emissions) companies where possible first. 

    Yes. Products that are sourced from overseas are those in which we did not find any local manufacturers of here in Canada. Certain products are not available (yet) from Canadian manufacturers, due to the raw materials not being available here or the manufacturing process being something that is not readily available in Canada.

    We went to great lengths to make sure the manufacturers we source products from are treating their employees well through pay, benefits and working conditions as well as making sure their materials were sustainable and of high quality. And the packaging...we made sure to have them ship the products with as little packaging and recyclable as we could.