All-purpose cleaner tablet - Ola Bamboo

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What you buy

  • One tablet for 500 ml of All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Bamboo and Tangerine scent
  • Natural, vegan and biodegradable product
  • When mixed with water it gives 500ml of cleanser
  • Eliminate hundreds of plastic bottles
  • Bottle not included
  • Made in Quebec in collaboration with the company Filo
  • Compostable paper packaging

The All-Purpose House Cleaner Tablet allows you to keep your home neat, while avoiding hundreds of plastic bottles, leaving a sweet scent of citrus and bamboo freshness. In addition, it is a natural, vegan and biodegradable product, good for your health and for the planet.

Ideal for the kitchen, the bathroom and all other surfaces.

Remember, when you buy a liquid cleaning product… you are paying mostly for water! Because cleaning products are 95% water.