ALTKO Almond Milk Base

ALTKO Almond Milk Base 454g 16oz jar. 
ALTKO is an alternative milk company based out of Toronto. This company takes pride in the fact that they use no additives, preservatives, oils or sugars in their products. Altko gives you the freedom to make your milk however you like, whenever you like. They do all that while reducing your carbon footprint by reducing all carton waste and providing an incredible shelf life.
Simply scoop 1-2 tbl into a blender with 250ml of water, blend for 15 seconds, and BAM! Fresh, 100% pure almond milk in seconds. Milk lasts upto 7 days in the fridge. Jar has an 18 month shelf life even once opened. 
Manufactured in California, 100% blanched California Almonds.