Beeswax Wraps - OH BEEHIVE!

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  • These handmade beeswax wraps are made in Barrie, Ontario. Use them to cover plates, bowls, and casseroles. Keep your food fresh by wrapping your leftovers (such as cut fruits and veggies) and storing them in the fridge. Cover plates, bowls, or casseroles.Fold them around snacks and take them on your next adventure.

    Hand wash and re-use them for at least six months with proper care.

    To use: Unfold them and crinkle them up with your hands to activate the beeswax and start using them however you choose!

    Not recommended to cover raw meat, fish, or poultry.

  • 100% Cotton fabric, Ontario beeswax, jojoba oil, and natural pine resin
  • When your wrap has reached the end of its life it can be cut up and added to your compost bin. Ingredients are naturally biodegradable and earth friendly.