Boule Bag - Lot8

  • Embrace the French tradition of storing preservative-free, crusty bread in breathable linen. Hand-made using pre-washed linen, these bread bags keep your bread fresher than storing it in plastic or paper.    The kraft paper belly band gives instructions to turn the inevitable stale nubs of bread to make bread crumbs or croutons, thereby minimizing food waste. Good for you, your bread, and the environment!  Available In three sizes and two colours.  Launder in a cold water wash without fabric softener. Air dry. Iron using linen setting if desired. 

  • ** a great housewarming gift.  Purchase the bag, a loaf and sea salt  (an old time traditional gift when setting up house)

  • -a great gift for the sourdough bread baker on its own or as part of a gift of locally milled flour, a lamé for scoring and/or a banneton for baking

    -take your bread bag directly to the bakery to further minimize packaging. No need for a paper or plastic bag


    + pebble (blue/grey)
    + flax (natural)

    Dimensions: 13" x 15"

  • pre-washed 100% linen
  • Biodegradable. Throw in compost where local rules allow.