Chandler Honey 140g

All honey is sourced exclusively from the Chandler family farm in Scandia, Alberta (Scandia Honey Company), which has been in operation since 1937. With a single supplier, all their honey is pure, unadulterated, and fresh. 

Chandler Honey is always packaged in recyclable Italian glass with metal lids, as well as a paper seal to know you’re getting a fresh jar. They think premium honey deserves a glass home, rather than plastic. 


Store at room temperature and always keep the lid on when not in use. Shelf life is 5 years (and beyond!) due to the low water content of honey that does not allow bacteria to grow. 

To make the honey lower in viscosity (more runny in texture), give the jar a warm water bath. Never microwave honey, as it effectively pasteurizes the product and kills all of the good enzymes and bacteria. 

Some ideas for enjoying the deliciousness of Chandler Honey:

  • spread on toast
  • add to tea or coffee
  • by the spoonful for a sore throat
  • Lemonade 
  • as a bath soak 
  • glaze/marinade for meat
  • yogurt and granola
  • smoothies
  • cocktails
  • much more!