Compost Bin - Cooler Kitchen

  • ODOR BLOCKING AND FRUIT FLY FREE – this counter top kitchen compost bin comes with one thick activated-charcoal filter to trap and absorb odors, leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.
  • EASY TO OPEN - The light-lift lid seals out odors and keeps out pests, without the hassle of a lock or clasp that would create an obstacle to opening the compost bin.
  • HIGH QUALITY & NO ASSEMBLY – a classic modern look and sturdy construction. This bin is made of high quality metal-carbon steel that will not rust, stain, or retain odors like other plastic or stainless steel bins. The only assembly required is to simply insert the filter into the lid.
  • LARGE CONVENIENT SIZE– 1.3 gallon size saves you from having to make extra trips to dispose of waste while also being small enough to fit right on your counter or store under your sink. Easily holds several days of compost material from a busy home kitchen. Compatible with standard 4" diameter charcoal filters.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE – the plastic inner bucket is dishwasher safe! Just remove the bucket from the metal bin and stick it in your dishwasher.