Clean Cottage Kit (Price includes $3x5 jar deposits)

(Price includes $3x5 jar Deposit)

Before heading out to the cottage, consider what goes down the drain into your septic tank and gets absorbed into your natural surroundings.  While detergents with chlorine can be cheaper than natural ones, restoring the microflora of the septic tank will be much more expensive if harmful chemicals get to it! So save your wallet, save the planet and save our Great Lakes by switching to Canadian made, all natural, septic system friendly cleaning products available at The RE Place, in bulk, package free. 


Our Clean Cottage Kit includes 1L of Laundry detergent, 500ml Toilet Bowl cleaner, 1L Hand and Body Soap, 500ml Kitchen and Bath Cleaner, 25 dishwasher tabs and TWO REwipes (we’re paying for the second one, because who wants to wipe down their kitchen counters with the same REwipe as their bathroom counters).