Food Bags Set of 3 - Etee

Bye, bye zippy, sandwich and plastic produce bags! Preserve your food and protect your family - naturally - with these reusable food bags.

Etee is the first company to develop an all natural, resealable, biodegradable food bag. And they really work. Their unique blend of essential oils, waxes and tree resins allow you to easily seal them tight and preserve your food. Etee use USDA certified organic waxes and essential oils to ensure that what’s touching and preserving your food is natural and non-toxic.

They are reusable. They are biodegradable. They are plastic-free.

Includes 3 bags (1 of each size):

Small Teal Bag (10.5" x 9.75") - Great for mushrooms, popcorn & chips, baked goods, tomatoes, citrus fruit

Medium Green Bag (12.5" x 11") - Great for medium sized produce such as cucumbers, grapes, herbs, fruit and potatoes.

Large Blue Bag (14.5" x 12") - Great for leafy greens, cut melons,  bread, broccoli and cauliflower



- Organic cotton muslin with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes

- USDA approved Certified Organic beeswax

- Coniferous tree resin

- A touch of soy wax

- Organic jojoba oil

- Organic cinnamon and clove essential oils