Illum - Washable Cloth Pad

Pantyliners have double snaps for adjustable width. Very thin, comfortable & leak proof. Thong Liners have 2 sets of snaps to keep its shape aligned with any Thong underwear. The Regular size is the most popular size. These also have double snaps for adjustable width! Moderate thickness. The Large size will be perfect for heavy flow days or light - moderate flow nights. Featuring longer front coverage, ultra comfort & leak proof capabilities. The Overnight Plus pad has great absorption & coverage to keep you clean & dry during the nights. This is great for Postpartum too. Featuring longer front coverage, ultra comfort & leak proof capabilities, these pads are a great alternative to disposable pads. And it's more sustainable too!



Inner Wings & Top Sheet: Organic Cotton 100%
Outer Pattern Layer: Cotton 92% , TPU 8%
Snaps: Recyclable Plastic


1. Place your illum Cloth Pads over the inside of your underwear, pattern facing down.

2. Fold the wings over the outside of your underwear and fasten using the snaps.


1. Place usedillum Cloth Pads under running cold water and rinse out discharge as much as possible.

2. Wash your used cloth pad withillum Probiotic Soap. Mix someillum Liquid Soap with water in cloth pad soaking container.

3. Soak your washed cloth pads for min. 6 hours. Change soap and water mixture every 24 hours if soaked longer.

4. Hand wash soaked pad in running water. Hang dry.