Multipurpose (Super Concentrated Cleaner) - PURE

  • Price INCLUDES $3 DEPOSIT for mason jar

    Pure multipurpose is a big favorite. This ultra-concentrated product is practical everywhere in the house as well as outside. Its use is simple, only 5 ml in 2L. The less product used, the less negative impact on the environment. Made from the best ingredients, the use of rose water will motivate you to make everything shine.

    This Pure product is biodegradable, septic safe, vegan and not tested on animals. 

  • Ingrédients /Ingredients : aqua; sodium laureth sulfate; alkyl polyglucoside; sodium chloride; glycereth-2-cocoate; sodium citrate; citric acid; benzisothiazolinone; food grade dye; fragrance (avec huiles essentielles – with essential oils).
    Biodegradable standard OCDE - OECD 301D

  • Use it up! 100% zero waste when you bring your own reusable container to refill or use one from our deposit system.