Toilet Bowl Cleaner - PURE

  • Price INCLUDES $3 DEPOSIT for mason jar

    Toilet bowl cleaner is a concentrated formula with the natural cleaning action and peppermint essential oil. This Pure product is biodegradable, septic safe, vegan and not tested on animals. 

    This product comes in a glass mason jar that can be returned to get your $3 deposit back. 

  • Ingrédients/Ingredients: aqua; citric acid; glycerin; lauryl glucoside; xanthan gum; methylchloroisothiazoline; methylisothiazoline; fragrance (100% huiles essentielles – 100% essential oils); cl 42090
    Biodegradable standard OCDE - OECD 301D

  • Use it up! 100% zero waste when you bring your own reusable container to refill or use one from our deposit system.