Liquid Fabric Stain Remover Jar- PURE

Return mason jar for a $3 credit 

Made of delicate natural ingredients,Pure Stain Remover showcases an excellent offensive strategy, geared toward stains. Takes complete care of oil, ink, red wine, make up or grass stains. Its citrus based composition cuts up dirt in smaller pieces and flushes the stain easily with the laundry detergent during washing. This product contains no solvents or petrochemicals that could damage fibres in the long run. It detaches ink, oil, red wine, lawn, lipstick and more. It will allow you to save several of your favourite clothes.

How to use: Activate using water and let it soak for stubborn stains. Do not let the product dry to avoid dark circles.

This Pure product is biodegradable, safe for baby and sensitive skin and septic safe.

  • Price INCLUDES $3 DEPOSIT for the Mason Jar