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    Multi-Surface Ready to Use Jar - PURE


    Return mason jar for a $3 credit 

    We are big fans of Pure Multisurface. It is super efficient. It will make mirrors and windows shine. It will add a gloss finish to wooden surfaces. It cleans up computer screens, phone screens and glasses without leaving a trace. He really has everything for himself. In addition he is:

    • Available in bulk
    • Made of natural ingredients, toxin free
    • Biodegradable
    • Safe for house usage

    Say good bye to those cleaning moments thinking ‘’I feel like I’m breathing a cloud of chemicals’’. Pure Multisurface is a natural anti-irritant for your respiratory system. You can stop holding your breath while cleaning.

    For cleaning your electronic devices, spray on a clean cloth and then wipe the surface with this cloth to avoid any excess fluid on the machine.

    • Price INCLUDES $3 DEPOSIT for the Mason Jar
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