The House that She Built - 200 piece jigsaw puzzle

The House that She Built puzzle is based on the best selling children’s book that educates young readers about the people and skills that go into building a home. The mission of The House That She Built is to support workforce development initiatives in home building by generating awareness of the skilled trades to the largest underrepresented community. With illustrations by Georgia Castellano, children and families can connect with the skills that come together as they piece together this puzzle inspiring all to learn about new skills. Learn more about this mission Mission - The House That She Built (

Difficulty: Novice

• This 200 piece jigsaw puzzle measures 42cm x 30cm (16.5" x 12")

• Box dimensions 17cm x 15cm x 5cm (6.76" x 6" x 2")

• Puzzle pieces are strong high-quality 2mm in thickness

• Puzzle image features a non-glare luxe matte finish

• Puzzle board and box board is made of 100% recycled cardboard

• Designed in Canada by Back Porch Studio