Zero Waste Starter Set - Cheeks Ahoy


2 Single Ply Unpaper Towels

1 Double Ply Unpaper Towel

6 Cloth Wipes

4 Facial Rounds

UNPAPER TOWELS Perfect for: -wiping messy hands and faces after meals -spill clean-up -washing and drying dishes -meal time napkins -lint-free cleaning and dusting

CLOTH WIPES Perfect for: -runny noses -bath-time -toilet paper -napkins, kids lunch boxes -camping -removing make-up

FACIAL ROUNDS Perfect for: -removing make-up -applying toner -to wash and exfoliate the face Photos are to show examples only, our prints change regularly but they are always exciting!

Fabric content: 100% cotton Care instruction: Machine wash. Handmade in Ontario, Canada.
Made in Canada