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    Artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil - ONSURI

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    Onsuri olive oil is made to the highest quality and sustainability standards according to traditional European processes. Four varieties, all extra virgin and pressed within an hour of picking, span Greek, Spanish and Jordanian fruits cultivated at the heart of the Fertile Crescent. A sustainable, ethical production model, in harmony with plant, land and community, elevates Onsuri from ‘special’ to unique; with fruit tenderly propagated across generations, the farm’s seasonal workers often include Syrian refugees as well as locals.

    Onsuri’s exceptional oil comes from Europe’s most prestigious olive varieties grown at the heart of the Fertile Crescent. In Jordan Greek, Spanish and local trees are tenderly cultivated on a sustainable family farm before being picked and pressed within hours. Onsuri’s award-winning oil is sought by Michelin chefs and connoisseurs alike.

    Sensory Collection:

    From a single-estate family farm, extra virgin olive oils are carefully selected for their subtle flavours, which vary yearly. Experience and expert pairings conjure a taste for finer things as Onsuri’s sommeliers harmonize notes and aromas, creating the perfect sensory experience.

    Koroneiki Olives:

    Koroneiki is a king among oils. Robust and very high in polyphenols which are essential in the pursuit of a diet structured around wellness. The flavoursome elements of herbs and undercurrents of banana make it an astounding choice for pairing with cuisines of impactful flavours.

    Signature Collection:

    Signature Collection is a hand-crafted blend that oozes a buttery smoothness. It has been created to be experienced daily, a simplistic sophistication on which to create your dishes. A mild extra virgin olive oil with subtle aromas and flavour profiles allows it to be a versatile culinary companion.

    Arbequina Olives:

    Arbequina is a mild oil that has aromatic hints of grass, herbs and florals. A touch of spice complements its delicate flavour profile. With low to medium pungency and bitterness, this beautifully subtle creation makes it a well-balanced oil.

    Arbosana Olives:

    Arbosana is a full-bodied oil with aromatic notes of green apples and tomato leaves. The rising pungency of pepper makes this fruity oil a genius at pairing with a large variety of cuisines.

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