Harvest Mint - Loose Leaf Tea (50g) *includes $3 deposit* - Pluck Tea

Price includes $3 deposit for mason jar. Get your deposit back when you return the empty jar.

A bold organic peppermint infusion bursting with freshness. Blended with both the mint leaf and flower, this mint is from Washington state and is picked in late August. Harvesting at this time of year ensures maximum mint flavour. Enjoy hot, or over ice. Caffeine-free.

Traditional Preparation: Measure 1 tsp of loose tea and add to a tea filter or strainer (or use one tea bag). Steep in 8-12 oz freshly boiled water for 5 minutes. Delicious on its own, or lightly sweetened. Enjoy hot, or pour over ice.

Ingredient: Organic Peppermint