KeepCup Thermal Edition - 16oz

  • For the first time ever, the classic KeepCup design is available in double wall stainless steel. This vacuum sealed, thermal insulated KeepCup has a beautiful finish and a very snug fit lid to keep spills at bay like no KeepCup before. This is the ultimate reusable takeaway coffee cup to replace your need for wasteful paper cups.

    The 16oz size is perfect for a large latte or one of those days when you need enough coffee to stay fully caffeinated.

    Baristas love KeepCups because they fit under the group heads of most espresso machines and are easy to pour latte art into. Coffee drinkers love KeepCups because they come in loads of fabulous colours, are spill-proof, and have a beautifully designed plug to open and close the lid.

    • Cup
      18/8 Stainless Steel
      Blush (190C)- soft touch surface finish style

      Polypropylene alloy #7
      Peony (183C)

      LDPE #4
      Pashmak Pink (706C)

      • This thing is built to last, but when you have used it to the point of no return, recycle the cup, lid, and plug separately into the appropriate streams.